Our wedding was almost four years ago, and we still remember all the love that filled that day. On your day, our goal is to capture that same magic while being as hands off as possible. We want you to enjoy every moment.

We are so happy to be in this business but we didn’t always know we’d become wedding photographers. Seth spent about 10 years in video production (aka the equipment expert) and Nicole is an advertising art director (aka the artsy perfectionist). From our first few weddings to our now booked seasons, our combined strengths have made us the perfect team.

Us on our wedding day in 2016

Our goal is simple: capture couples when they are at their happiest

Hyde Photography is named for two special places of the same name. We first met in 2010 at London's Hyde Park Gate and saw our first drive-in movie together that summer in Hyde Park, New York. The rest, as the cliche goes, is history!

Since then we got married on a perfect mid-October day and adopted our senior pets Quincy (the cat) and Charlie (the dog). Yes, they cuddle!! #adoptdontshop

We graduated college together in 2012.